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Shady URL: Don't just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening. (shadyurl.com)
156 points by _pius on Feb 18, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 21 comments

Pointless and bizarre, and therefore cool.

I almost want to start sending these links to people at work- just to see what they do. If they actually click on them, then that's bad.

If I could track clickthroughs like you can with Bit.ly (you could always just sketchify a Bit.ly link) then you could do some security testing to see who will click on anything.

Ah, but with URL shorteners, people are already clicking on anything! Which I'm guessing is the point to this whole exercise.

That said, the reason we've come to tolerate shorteners is that there's an implicit network of trust in the way they're used on Twitter. We trust that someone we follow isn't going to put a goatse behind that bit.ly because we know enough about them to believe they wouldn't (or at least we don't think they'd risk a massive loss of followers for it).

So by the same reasoning, if you send a ShadyURL to a co-worker, if they know you, they probably trust you won't be sending them anything malicious. Though I suppose the smart thing for a recipient to do would be to double-check with you that you sent the right link.

This is the best thing I've seen all day: http://5z8.info/stalin-will-rise-again_e9m8_ip-stealer


Nothing like the one I got: http://5z8.info/enriched-uranium-supply_s4a9_b00bs

Now that is scary.

Is that some sort of viral promotion for 24?

http://5z8.info/smut_s0s8_back-to-africa is my link both salacious AND racist?

They need sliders for this type of thing. I'd like to dial-up the salaciousness and racism and dial-down the terrorism and felonious words.

Shortened URLs are already suspicious and frightening, but these are amusing at the same time!

Title could also be: Don't just shorten your URL, make it longer


I would love a Shady URL bookmarklet!

That's perfect for Rick Rollin!


My happiness is confused. =) This is the best and worst thing I've seen all day.

There are no measures to the amount of joy this tool has given me in the past five minutes. Thank you!

This is what people are using three-letter domains for? Well, I guess it's a .info, so...

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