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I want to clarify some points on React Native. Unlike what is commonly said, my goal with the project is to make the web better.

A fundamental problem with the web as it exists right now is that as a "user", you cannot go one level deeper when you want/have to in order to provide a good experience. There's a big list of things like customizing image decoding/caching or extending layout part of css that is encoded in the browser and cannot be changed in userland.

The way to solve your problem is to convince a browser vendor to implement a solution, then all the other browsers to support it and wait for years such that your userbase can use it. This loop is extremely long and involves a lot of conflicting interests and having to support it forever.

The idea of React Native is to provide a subset of the web platform and hooks to drop down lower whenever you want to. For example, as a user you can use <Image> which behaves like a web <img> and be done with your day. But, if you want to use another image format, or manage your image cache differently then you can implement it and provide a <MyImage> component to the end user.

The advantage is that each app can start building and experimenting with its own low-level infrastructure and replace pieces that the default platform doesn't do adequately for the use case they are trying to solve.

Now, why is it good for the web? Since React Native primitives have been designed to work on the web with a small polyfill ( https://github.com/necolas/react-native-web ), there's now a concrete way to improve the web platform without being a browser vendor. You can prototype with your ideas on React Native and when you figure that one is actually good, now start the process to ship it to the entire web platform. Kind of the same way you can prototype your js transforms with babel and then push them to tc39 to make them official.

If React Native is as successful as I want it to be, the web platform is going to supports all the use cases that only React Native can provide today and we can just rm -rf the entire project and use the web.

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