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I think I'd just want to add that namepsacing by author doesn't entirely fix the problem. For the fewer instances where there is a collision, we still have this issue with lawyers asserting trademarks.

"Would the real Slim Shady please stand up?"

We want multiple 'kik's and multiple Shady's simultaneously. So record the gpg sig of the author in package.json, and filter the name + semver against just their published modules when updating.

Depending on how unique you need to be:

npm install <module> --save

npm install <author>/<module> --save

npm install <gpg>/<module> --save

On a side note, npm-search really sucks. It lacks a lot of fine-grained filtering. I'd love to be able to search by tags, or exclude results with an incompatible license, or even prioritize results by specified dependencies. npm-search needs love.

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