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How do you know that you, as a lone developer, aren't writing insecure, unperformant, buggy code?

That's a fair point. But what would concern me, as a lone developer, is liability if you get hacked due to a known vulnerability in an npm module. If the company is looking for a head to roll and someone points out it was a known and resolved issue in later versions that could be a problem for me.

Does npm let you tag releases as security fixes? That would make automation to discover it possible.

NPM itself is clearly faulty, but I don't think the concept of outsourcing logic to dependencies is. If something is complex enough to have a legit security vulnerability, it's probably the sort of thing I don't really want to write myself. And yeah, that comes with the responsibility to stay up-to-date. But pretty sure my head would rightfully roll anyway if I wrote my own bootleg SSH protocol and got my company exploited.

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