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I'm not so sure about that. I could fairly easily afford a new iPhone or some other flagship device like that. Yet if I were to buy a new phone right now... factory refurb Nexus 5 on for $150 USD is probably the most tempting option.

If the cheap ass option does everything you'll need, you still don't waste money on the more expensive one.

I'm guessing this combination more than likely just boils down to some people who aren't very good at making financial decisions...

You can get a refurbished Moto G 2013 for $35. I have a huge number of people in my extended family on those, since they are not techies and just want a good phone.

We have two in the family as well. They are solid, good quality phones.

Best value on the market today.

I have one as do two of my kids. $10/month for Republic Wireless, and we're set.

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