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"npm" is two things in this picture: the server and centralized service, and the software tool on everyone's build/dev machines.

There's a difference between trusting a server to do something, and having the software you're using check that the server hasn't changed its behaviors in ways that may... fuck with the continuity of your zen.

If someone can decide to do a special thing that happens to break all promises, and my side of the tooling doesn't let me know, much less let me confirm acceptance of the changes, then my side of the tooling is seriously deficient.

And in a situation where this tooling then starts executing new code from a new author on my host as my user without any authentication except "trust the server"... the same behavior describes $script_kiddie_virus_of_the_week! "download code from C&C server; run it, thanks:D" What's the difference between this and outright RCE exploit? "good intentions"?

I'd rather have something more than "good intentions" controlling what code ends up running on my computer, thanks.

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