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While I half agree with what you did, I think you're a step away from perfectness (see bellow) :)

I actually had the exact same problem and I was recently speaking to a friend from google and asked him to implement this as part of their search engine (i.e. just like the calculator, but for time zones) -- he didn't see the need for such a thing.

Here is my use case which doesn't work: conference deadlines. Please tell me what this:

Thursday, February 4, 2010, 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT −5:00)

translates to in my local time. Note that entering the date in your app does nothing, even if you split EST from the rest.

Why doesn't this app work for you in that scenario?

Say you're in PST: put on the right hand side 11:59pm and EST --> 8:59pm that same day.

Say you're in, oh I don't know, Nagoya: same thing on the right hand side --> 1:59pm the next day (the 5th)

The mention of the specific use case is helpful. I assume you'd want as output not only the time, but also the corresponding date.

I want to think carefully about how to add dates because I'm trying to keep it simple and quick.

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