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Less dependencies are better. This job is to communicate everything you do in a software project: its reasons and its purposes for every piece. For example, application code that will never be in a public API does not need anything as complex and thoroughly considered than a generic library. When it comes to writing a 10 line function that is represented in an existing module, the most likely reason is that I am writing it for my own purposes and without having to explain why I brought in a package to answer a very small problem.

I implemented KeyMirror from NPM once. It's a simple array->object transformation. It's been in production for months without issue. But, I initially got guff from my boss over it for not using the package. If anything, the package is just an example proof-of-concept of an extremely simple idea. But, carrying the bloat of another package next to more relevant packages seems to be more important here than just merely owning a simple piece of code like this.

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