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Some of this things you mention are true, but:

> makes security auditing more difficult

What? If you go all the way, you just review all dependencies too. And if they have a good API, it's actually much easier. For example if your only source of filesystem access is libfilesystem, you can quickly list all modules which have any permanent local state.

Splitting huge libraries into well designed categories would make a lot of reviews easier.

> Having both of those as azer-random or something means that someone automatically gets all the dependencies, without having to make many requests to the server.

Also disagree. One-off builds shouldn't make a real difference. Continuous builds should have both local mirror and local caches.

Yeah but that's not the world of NPM. It's a clusterfuck of a maze of near duplicate dependencies with no hierarchy or anything. There's no organization or thought. It's just a bunch of crap tossed together to encourage cargo cults programming.

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