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only in the most narrow sense. His cause, whatever it is, isn't furthered, but now everyone involved (including him) looks bad, and a lot of innocent people have had their time wasted fixing something that shouldn't have broken. It's a loss for everyone involved. He looks petty and untrustworthy, npm looks amateurish, kik gets bad publicity, and everyone using this junk is stuck with their face in their palms.

Don't blame the guy who pressed a button that allows you to unpublish a core module. Sure, it was done on purpose this time, but what if it happened by accident. Your "package manager" shouldn't be this fragile.

I can blame both of them.

And how do you look, having used a package manager that allows such an action without preparing for this eventuality?

Your point eludes me. I guess you're implying I'm stupid for having trusted a standard well known tool?

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