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No it won't... The caret specifier for 0.0.x packages means "this version and this version exactly".

He's right, for `0.0.x` versions it means "this version and this version exactly"


And to be honest, it's news to me. Sorry i impulse downvoted you...

No problem! It's not super well-known since they switched from tildes to carets and tildes didn't behave that way.

Some examples of how it works:

    ^1.2.3 := >=1.2.3 <2.0.0
    ^0.2.3 := >=0.2.3 <0.3.0
    ^0.0.3 := >=0.0.3 <0.0.4

Why dont they just use that version notation ? (>=0.0.2,<0.1.0) will be much simpler

For every single dependency in most projects that honor semver? ^ is just an extremely convenient shorthand.

You're right, I added an edit to my comment.

That's an interesting side effect.

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