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You must be really fun to be around.

Really, comparing this to mass murder, well done. It's more like he had a bunch of toys, someone stamped on one of them and he took the rest home with him whilst the other kids are still playing with them.

These are his repositories which he created, he is welcome to remove the code, and others are more than welcome to rehost (as they require).

If you are depending on npm (or any other build tool such as composer, whatever) or on Github, you really need to have a backup plan when the shit hits the fan.

There wasn't any equivocation in the parent between this event and mass murder.

The mass murder example is a counter point to the (implied) argument in the grandparent that "[getting] the attention of an incredible number of people very quickly" is the same thing as an effective protest.

It is possible to get lots of attention for your action without that attention translating to support for you or your cause.

The parent continues to discuss how they believe there was damage above and beyond "wasting the time of a bunch of build cops" and explicitly states what they think the damage would be.

Perhaps choosing a different example would have been more tasteful, and may have avoided this side discussion and being flagged to oblivion, but it did not ever claim the two events were equivalent.

It's possible that the mass murder example, while not directly compared with the original action, is implied equivalent by the mere juxtaposition of the two but I don't think that was the parent's intent.

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