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Apparently 9:31 AM in Dublin time is NaN:aN PM in Dubai time...

Besides that, its a nice app.

EDIT: Since I got downvoted for this, let me rephrase in terms of a bug report: My local time is Dublin, Ireland (so UTC) and I entered 9:30 AM as the local time. Then I changed Greenwich to Dubai. The updating was pretty slow, so before it completed, I changed the local time to 9:31 and the output I got was NaN:aN PM. I'm able to reproduce it by following the same steps (though the actual local time entered doesn't seem to matter - just that its changed before the "updating..." text disappears).

I don't agree with the downvote - thanks for the bug report. I saw this a while back and was having trouble reproducing so this is helpful. I'll look into it.

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