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As a programmer, I find it very satisfying - you type in the name, it auto-completes; you change the time on either side, and it maintains the relation. Nice :-) And love the clean simplicity - it's like the google of timezone converters. :-)

- But it wasn't obvious that it would autocomplete - nice to have a drop-down even before typing, just to show the user. Or maybe just a couple of e.gs. (like google calendar's "breakfast at tiffany's").

- Also not obvious that you can change both times (I mean, it should work that way, but software never does, apart from languages - and I think that it wouldn't even occur to ordinary folk that it might).

Might be worth doing some user-testing (where you watch them, like "Step 2. Validate" in http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1132980).

You can probably get some adwords revenue. And without spoiling it, by doing what the chatoulette guy said he did - just 4 words at the bottom.

Great ideas. I've been collecting electronic feedback like this from friends, but agreed that some "over the shoulder" user testing could help. Hearing these "x was not obvious" from you is helpful as I'm too deep in it now for any of these to occur anymore.

A big gripe (I didn't mention in the blog) of the other sites were massive amounts of confusing AdSense, so I was almost thinking a single cleanly branded "sponsor" to pay for the server costs if it gets enough traffic.

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