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That's great! Your are absolutely correct, most sites seem to originate in pre-2000.

Just two additional ideas:

For the problem you specified I did find a interface which gives you a day view of both destinations with the corresponding times on both sides, and colored backgrounds (green for good meeting times, yellow for too early or too late or midday and red for night) so that you can easily find out an optimal meeting time (I guess it was possible to add more timezones to it), however I cannot remember the site.

For the interface you created I guess it would be nice to add an analog clock over the input, which can be changed via dragging the hands to the specified time and the other clock updates it's time in real-time.

Thanks, appreciate the compliment and ideas. I do remembering coming across that other site too.

I've been looking for a fun graphic or animation to jazz up the UI (I believe in making products "fun") so maybe the analog clock idea is it.

It's here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html

Very useful app, when you have people in several timezones.

An additional idea would be a (small? popup?) google earth view where you can click on the locations instead of entering them in the textfields.

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