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I don't mean to jack the thread here, but I did something similar over the weekend that was a lot of fun. I cloned and then built upon a local system here in Honolulu that lets you see when buses are coming to a stop. I originally wanted to build an Android app but realized that I could do the same thing faster with my current skill set (web apps) thanks to some of the Geolocation features of HTML5. Plus, both me and my girlfriend can use it (she's on an iphone)!

Here it is - http://thebus.ws/about/

For those not familiar with Hawaii... try some street names like King, Queen, Bishop, Kapiolani. If you're on island the locate button will find your location thru browser api's and then load stops near you. Stops right by my place would be 2088, 306, and 405 (you can search for those numbers).

BTW, I really like what you did :) It's very simple and looks pretty good to boot. I have a client in Sweden right now, so this comes in handy!

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