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Thanks in advance for any feedback on the site.

I have a zillion of these seemingly simple ideas and barely ever execute on them. So, congrats on the finished minimum viable product and rapid release!

I'm commenting here because I'm very interested in how this small project works out for you.

I have no idea how American time-zones work. Or many other time-zones, for that matter.

But I could probably find it on a map. So that would help.

Can you make this a dashboard widget?

Not a bad idea. It would be handy to have it a keypress away but the benefits from my point of view (the developer's) are almost too great in keeping it a webpage: easier to update, ability to add ads, wider audience, etc.

Frankly making it a webpage is a pretty big inconvenience to me (and I'm sure many others too) because my bookmarks bar is pretty full, as well as my bookmarks. This just seems like a natural dashboard widget. Doesn't windows 7 support widgets too now?

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