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If stores weren't required by law to charge the same price to credit card users vs cash users, you would see most stores slap a 2-5% surcharge on credit card transactions, because that's how much they have to pay to Visa/Mastercard/Amex. Many people only use credit cards to get points, which is an unfair tax on customers who don't use credit cards. I find cash to just be easier to use, and I forego the rewards chasing. Once I pay with cash, I can throw away the receipt and not worry about the transaction ever again. No worry about identity theft. No need to check my statement every month and remember whether the transaction was me or not. Easier to split bills or pay people back. Knowing that more of my money is going to the shop keeper than a large financial corporation.

It is no longer illegal to charge a surcharge for credit cards [0] in most, but not all US states. As far as I know, it has always been legal to give a cash discount.

Until recently the sticker price had to be the credit card price, but all in all it appears merchants don't prefer cash despite the option of discounting it.

[0] https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/credit-cards/credit-card-cha...

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