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For those who are interested in knowing more about Andy Grove and the early days of Intel, I highly recommend Tedlow's biography. Of all the biographies or business histories I've read, I can't think of one which does a better job of making you feel like you're hanging out with him, hearing his war stories, and getting a real feel for what kind of guy he was and what drove him and his company to success.


Tedlow did a wonderful Google Talk about his book:


Wow, cool, thanks for sharing this!

I read this book about Andy Grove and Intel in high-school, made a huge impact in my career choices.


Thanks! While we're at it, do you have an opinion on Michael S. Malone's /The Intel Trinity/ http://www.amazon.com/The-Intel-Trinity-Important-Company/dp... ?

Just wanted to mention that in the last several hours, the price of a used hardcover copy of the book on Amazon has gone from $0.01 to $2.93 (which probably represents about 30 copies sold).

Actually kind of incredible to see this sort of inventory change happen in real time.

(I bought the cheapest "very good" condition item for $0.41 + shipping)

It's incredibly cheap in comparison to the UK. Guess there just aren't as many used copies here.

Thanks. Just bought a copy.

Are these the same book?



There doesn't seem to be a Kindle / ePub version, unfortunately.

I'm sure there will be one, now that he passed. At least, I hope it will.

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