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GitHub down?
89 points by eljimmy on Mar 21, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 49 comments
"No server is currently available to service your request.

Sorry about that. Please try refreshing and contact us if the problem persists."

Yep, even the status page is down: https://status.github.com/ (Edit: Looks like it's back up.)

No updates yet on their Twitter status account: https://twitter.com/@githubstatus

Edit: 10:21 PDT Error rates are subsiding. (And github.com no longer showing unicorn for me.)

Status page works for me, but shows a rather dire picture: https://4z2.de/github_down.png (it hasn't been updated). The main site is down here, too.

Judging from the last update, it makes me think the status page is only updated on-demand (or due to an incident).

Just came back up for me.

Seems to be back up; it was down just a few minutes for me.

Is there any points to making these threads? So far it's been <10 minutes of downtime. Not a big deal at all. If it's a few hours then I'd consider these appropriate, but for real... this downtime is tiny so far.

I flag every single "is down" post that I see. Anyone who cares already knows. Anyone who can supply inside information is (hopefully) too busy fixing it to comment on an HN thread.

Websites, even massively popular ones, go down from time to time. Unless there is a post-mortem with interesting technical reasons for the outage, there is nothing to be gained from talking about it. If you need further evidence, just read the comments on this thread. It's just a bunch of "me too" posts. Or reposts of information sources that anyone who cares about the outage already knows how to access.


HN feature request: Polls (with a separate section on the site to not pollute main news thread).

+ 1. PLEASE.

I can get to the status page now, and it's showing 0% app server availability. Yikes!

https://status.github.com/ now operational but does not show any problem?!

"We're investigating a high number of errors."

status page is down for me too. https://status.github.com/

The pitfalls of centralizing a distributed system.

They must be busy watching the Apple event.

Again, EU down also. Whatching at github I appreciate engineering in services like Google, that never failed me.

Yep, seeing a Unicorn instead of repository, might have to go outside and enjoy the weather for a bit.

Yep, it looks like most people haven't noticed because they're watching the Apple Keynote.

Time to move your Git projects, they hired an engineer doing bad commits :P

Hehe, Thread was posted 6 minutes ago and already 83 points, 44 comments.

Yep, down for me as well.

Back up

Yes on US east coast, started about 5 minutes ago

Yes in NY. Cannot even access the status page.

It's back.

Italy, too. Pretty much down globally.

Somebody will get a lot of upvotes :)

Didn't this just happen?


Edit: nope.

Down for me as well.

Down for me as well.

Down in Paris too.

Down in India too.

It's back.

It's back.

Yes in Poland

Ireland too.

Down indeed

UK: up now




UK as well


Edit: It's back now


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