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That's awesome... I'm working with some 15-20 GB sqlite databases. Though 2 TB sounds kind of big?

Was it 2 TB before compression? Because sqlite does blow up the data size over the raw data usually (depending on the original format obviously). It can be kind of wasteful, and I ended up storing some fields as compressed JSON for this reason (that actually beats the sqlite format).

Also, the sqlite insert speed can be much slower than the disk's sequential write speed (even if you make sure you're not committing/flushing on every row, and if you have no indices to update, etc.)

So I think inserting and laying on the data could be nontrivial. But the queries should be fast as long as they are indexed. In theory, sqlite queries should be slower for a lot of use cases because it is row-oriented, but in practice distributed systems usually add 10x overhead themselves anyway...

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