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The Importance of Acoustics in Food Storage (ediblegeography.com)
105 points by tintinnabula on March 18, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

While the physical CD isn't currently available even through Ebay, through the wonders of modern technology you can still listen to the full album online:

  High-sensitivity recordings of various types of insect 
  pests released for the 5th International working conference 
  on stored product protection, 1990.

  This is the full and unedited version of the recording.

  INRA. Insect noise in stored foodstuffs.
  "Ces vibrations caracteristiques, plus proches de la   
  musique que du bruit, trahissent la presence de tous ces 
  convives invisibles qui ne peuvent se tenir silencieux.
  A.J. Andrieu et F. Fleurat-Lessard."

  01. Detecting pests in stored foodstuffs and wood.
  02. Rice weevil larvae in rice.
  03. Angoumois grain moth larvae in maize.
  04. Grain weevil larvae in barley.
  05. Communication signals of termites in wood.

The opposite of rain samples on your mind.

I listened to the first quarter. All this squeaks and creaks have just enough rhythm to induce living form presence lurking closer, which stresses me out.

Enjoyed the writing style, and had to laugh at; "A fairly select group of entomologists, including several specialists at the USDA’s Insect Behavior and Biocontrol Research Unit, have thus spent the past twenty years investigating the acoustic detection of insect noise."

I love how incredibly broad and infinitely "specializable" our economy is. Scale enables such wonderful focus.

Cowen's law: whatever it is, there's a literature on it. All those hundreds of thousands of research papers published each year have to be on something...

I'm elated at the thought that this ties together my diverse experience: music production, software engineering, and a job as a bulk-foods manager who had to deal with spotting worms in the bins. Wow.

> a job as a bulk-foods manager who had to deal with spotting worms in the bins. Wow.

That reminds me of a story about chocolate manufacture that I'd just as soon forget.

> Deep in the archives of San Francisco-based Aquarius Records, buried between several days’ worth of “laptop glitchery” and “brutal industro-crunch,” lies this gem: Insect Noise in Stored Foodstuffs,

Aquarius Records is awesome.

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