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> If you're in this field, and consider yourself an "engineer" but your math sucks, go read up on all you can about mathematics and statistics, just like you did back when you were learning about programming, operating systems and networking.

This assumes availability of time. Obviously, given enough time, people could develop both top-tier engineering and DS skillsets!

Of course, if lots of free time were common we'd all be full-stack developers who also field sales calls and work on product strategy etc. etc.

I don't know... Are you saying that someone like Donald Knuth had a lot of free time? Data problems are arguably the hardest problems out there and they require deep understanding of mathematics as well as computers, that's just the way it is. It does take time and effort and even may be a bit of talent as well, not everyone is cut out for it.

No, I'm saying that someone like Donald Knuth is obligated, by the terms of his employment as a premier academic, to sit on the cutting edge of both mathematics and computer science.

/u/dxbydt commented on this very well, so I'll only reinforce the point that not everyone is Donald Knuth. If the distinction between DS and Engineer is blurred in your specific instance, and you're capable of Knuth-ian levels of work in both, you are almost certainly underpaid and need to lead a team or start a company yourself, stat, since a top-tier combination of those skills is exceedingly rare.

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