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Though I agree with you on expanding TLIs, if you have to have "ETL" defined for you, you probably won't get the "joke". And though this will come out more cynical than I intend, if you don't know the acronyms, then you probably won't be buying what Stitch Fix is selling. Filtering their funnel, maybe?

While possibly true, it's simply a courtesy to the reader to parenthetically define any acronym the first time it's used in a published piece of writing (of course this would not apply to internal emails, casual comments such as discussion forums here, etc.)

The original post may have been intended for a select audience that would be familiar with the context, so that author may be forgiven, but the person that submitted the post should have kept in mind the much wider audience here.

As a hardware engineer, ETL is a NRTL that competes with UL and CSA. Oh, excuse me, Thomas Edison's Electrical Testing Labs is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory that competes with Underwriters Laboratories and the Canadian Standards Association.

Hm? Stitch Fix is selling clothes, not software. This is just their engineering blog.

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