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Oh boy. I'm the second author. The official announcement will be in April 1st at the SIGBOVIK conference (http://sigbovik.org/2016), but I guess someone broke the press embargo!

By the way: It works, try it ;)

Very funny. A ton of people, I suspect, will take this seriously.

If I may, let me suggest you add a note about your future plans to add backpropagation using Excel/Libreoffice macros, which "might allow users to train large-scale models from scratch within their lifetime."

I think it's feasible, even without macros! Just have to make our case to our advisors for it.

What about a distributed version built in Google docs?

I'm really glad someone found this early, because I try and stay off the WWW on April 1st. Every site tries to be "funny" and pretty much just ends up being annoying, and DeepExcel would have just drowned in the noise then.

This though: hearty chuckles were produced. (The paper was was even type-set in LaTeX!)

I can see that it is working. Thanks for the amazing product. Will it be apt to share the model in which you are planning to monetise the product? Thanks once again! ;)

Did you also use ExcelNet to help generate the buzzwords to describe all the technical advancements in ExcelNet? Nice whitepaper btw.:-)

Can't wait to see the paper clip fella suggest informative features—maybe? :)

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