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I suspect the project was created in preparation for the SIGBOVIK conference[1] or similar. It's sort of a satirical or mock conference; these guys have created a number of ingenious projects over the years[2], but this one might be their masterpiece. Certainly it's going to give my own entry[3] a run for its money.


1. http://sigbovik.org/

2. http://oneweirdkerneltrick.com

3. A sort of analog neural net using a biological substrate to perform communication and learning. Basically, I've trained some wild dogs I found in the alley behind my apartment for function approximation. Originally I had intended to use a pretty standard hill-climbing approach, but they kept wandering away when I ran out of treats. My new method arranges them in a series of layers for PAC (provably all canine) learning, with the gradients transmitted by bark-propagation. I've not figured out how to implement convolutional operations in this framework yet, so I might hold off on publishing anything this year.

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