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Don't want to be an asshole but it really can't be called Deep Learning if it doesn't do backprob. Deep inference, at best. The paper reads like a bad joke.

I think that the authors of such excellent publications such as "Visually Identifying Rank", "A Spectral Method for Ghost Detection" and "N-dimensional Polytope Schemes"[1] deserve a little more credit than that.


1. http://www.oneweirdkerneltrick.com/

That's because it apparently is actually a joke. "Website under construction! Official Release Date: April 1st 2016."

Not even April Fool yet and people begin to leak stuff ahead of time. sigh

Of course it's a joke. This is the programming equivalent of some of the research that wins Ig Nobels.

Backprop may be added in the future. Meanwhile you can just adjust the weights directly! (They're in the "layer*" sheets).

Back propagation just slows things down.

Please turn your satire radar on.

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