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I've never understood this criticism of Django.

It's a batteries included framework, but at the end of the day it's just Python. You can integrate with whatever library is best for the job.

I've worked on Django apps that use SQLAlchemy instead of the Django ORM, Django apps that use Mako instead of the Django template language, and I'm currently exploring using Marshmallow instead of Django forms for some cases.

Is there anything in particular that you feel you can use with Flask or Pyramid but you couldn't use with Django?

I view it from the other direction. If you aren't using the ORM, or the templating engine, or the admin interface, why would you choose Django? If your answer is for a plug-n-play RESTful api or authentication, you might want to check out PostgREST with PostgreSQL 9.5's row level security features, it's just plain better.

Because at that point, Django is a superset of Flask. It can do everything Flask can do, but it also has additional access to the Django ecosystem of tools and libraries.

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