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From the article:

"Remember: Channels is a general-purpose utility for running background tasks. Thus, many features that used to require Celery or Python-RQ could be done using Channels instead. Channels can’t replace dedicated task queues entirely: it has some important limitations, including at-most-once delivery, that don’t make it suitable for all use cases. Still, Channels can make common background tasks much simpler. For example, you could easily use Channels to perform image thumbnailing, send out emails, tweets, or SMSes, run expensive data calculations, and more."

I'd like to see an example of that vs. using celery.

So what can't it do that celery does?

Celery does a ton of things that channels doesn't currently do. Celery has a lot of workflow concepts built in (Chains, Chords, etc). Celery also has prioritization, and a fairly robust ecosystem that channels may take a while to deliver.

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