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From what I've tested, NordVPN has "Double VPN" servers: https://nordvpn.com/servers/

And AirVPN has Routing servers used for double-hops: https://airvpn.org/status/

Right. Thanks :)

Not that I'm promoting any of them, I have my specific gripes with each of them as well.

NordVPN for instance has a ton of servers yet doesn't label the regional locations for them in the OpenVPN filenames. They're just labeled US-1 to US-339 and I ended up having to add random configs and hope it's one near my area. Their server map isn't accurate either and doesn't show all of them.

AirVPN I'm concerned with their user logging as they have this hub area for the community that reveals your username and when you're online as well as how much data you use and have a rankings for users or servers that use the most data each day/month. There's a log in anonymously checkbox but it's still a bit worrying to me.

I trust AirVPN. It's pretty typical for forum software to show when users are logged in. That has nothing to do with the VPN service. They do show VPN throughput for top users. That's a marketing thing, I think. And I'm pretty sure that users need to authorize having their names appear.

I also find NordVPN's labeling to be very confusing.

this is the biggest problem for NordVPN for me as well. Loading their configs in Linux is a bit of a pain.

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