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Agreed, though I want this more than I want the imdb for podcasts.

Ratings and recommendations would be nifty I guess, but I've wanted a one stop shop for podcasts with a clean and consistent layout for a long time. I mean, one that doesn't make me install a bloated program that I don't want to use.

This one's checked off, my other podcast wishlist items:

1) autotag my podcasts by parsing their RSS feeds

2) a head unit in my car that would connect to my wifi from my driveway or garage, then automatically download new episodes of subscribed podcasts every night or morning. Ideally I could manage my subscriptions on my PC through a website or through a settings page the car offers to my network, so I'm not forced to use the limited controls of a car to manage podcast subscriptions. (Maybe everyone else solves this problem by just keeping an iPhone with unlimited data in their cup holder.)

Exactly - I run a wifi range extender in the car that connects to my home wireless when it is parked out front of the house, and an iPod that connects to that wireless to do syncing. It's magically dorky, and has spawned friends into getting repeaters for mesh networking and playing Lan games on mobile devices while roadtripping, which is equally amazing.

Staying on topic - this site is great so far and looking forward to seeing more features added. Really agree that a top X by category and 'similar to' rating system would make this pretty killer.

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