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I worked in a small microcosm of Google's market (Google wants the "best of the best" software developers, and we wanted qualified app pentesters; both are a small subset of the overall market for software talent).

My experience is that running a hiring process that lights up only on the kind of talent that qualifies itself with a standard tech interview is ludicrously expensive. People that do well in standard tech interviews can work anywhere they want. If you can only hire those people, you are competing for talent with the wealthiest (or most overfunded) tech companies in the market.

Fortunately: performance in tech interviews is in fact not a good proxy for programming ability (in fact, there are ways in which being good at interviews can obscure deficits in candidates), and you can get ridiculous discounts to the price Google pays for talent if you don't try to hire people the dumb way Google does.

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