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Which program do you use on the Mac? A long time ago I've used Goban[1] and I enjoyed it very much, but it's not available here in the App Store and apparently it doesn't fully work yet on El Capitan. (I don't know if it's not available right now because of the El Capitan problems or for some other reason.)

What are some good go programs for the iPhone, both for playing and for learning/improving?

[1] http://www.sente.ch/?p=1206&lang=en

Goban is working for me on El Capitan, but I installed it before upgrading. There's also the older free version which might still be up on a webpage somewhere.

But the better option is that I was able to get GoGui working - I did have to manually build/compile it myself but there is a way to build it so that it creates a real OS X Application. It's quite good, you can set any board position and then tell a computer program to respond from that point.


EDIT: For the iPhone I like SmartGo Kifu for playing games. 'Tsumego Pro' and 'GoProblems' for puzzles (they're adaptive) and 'Go Books' by smartgo for ebooks.

I second the SmarGo Kifu

The old free version still works: http://www.sente.ch/software/goban3/. You want the universal binary. The newer one isn't available in the app store for me either.

Perfect. Thank you!

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