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We are a global humanitarian research organization that helps the humanitarian community (the UN, international agencies, etc) use field-level research and innovative technical solutions to inform decision making and planning for emergencies. We work very closely with the UN framework and our products include in-depth field-based research, interactive databases, web portals, GIS/mapping activities, rapid assessments, etc. For an overview, see: http://www.reach-initiative.org/tag/iraq

In Iraq, our team is starting a new project that explores new ways of sharing humanitarian data during the first 72 hours of major crises, as well as other information systems that will be used by humanitarian coordination systems.

To do so, we're looking to hire a talented/motivated/innovative developer who wants to work on humanitarian crises, and does not mind moving to Iraq, please check out the position here: http://www.impact-initiatives.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02...

You'll be working on one of the largest crises in the world with a large team of fellow researchers, GIS specialists, and support staff.

Candidates do not need years of experience in the humanitarian sector, but should definitely have advanced coding/programming skills.

Work would start ASAP - with preliminary training in Geneva and Paris.

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