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The difference to get even higher is our system supports host-managed SMR disks that come in 10T and 14T sizes.

I've never heard of a 14TB disk drive. Is that what you mean? Who makes these?

10 TB drives can be gotten off the shelf -- http://www.hgst.com/products/hard-drives/ultrastar-he10 -- and 14 TB drives are probably in the state of availability for large customers; it's not unusual for drive makers to make available drives coming down the pipe to certain customers.

True, it's just that they also tend to shout about upcoming drives and boast that they are previewing to select customers. Case in point, HGST marketing is in full swing on that He10 but good luck finding any stock in a mainstream retailer.

Yep, vendors do sometimes provide stock to large customers ahead of general availability.


2.5" 15TB ... and SSD, and expected to get a lot bigger too!

But that's not an SMR drive.

What interface and protocol do your drives have/use? Is it SATA, SAS or a custom interface/protocol?

SATA SMR disks, zone management is ZAC.

Is that in production system now? W-O-W! :O

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