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Minecraft doesn't even have any support for modding, external modding APIs are built by the community by reverse engineering the binaries' bytecode.

It will be a different edition on a new C++ code base. Presumably with ease of extending/use for teaching in mind too.

See previous discussion here : https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10974036

I wish there were more details about what the plans are for this grand new version that will make it better for use in the classroom. The FUD around this change is causing much hand-wringing among educators already invested in Minecraft in the classroom via MinecraftEDU. For example, the question of "will it even run on a Mac" has yet to be answered (that I'm aware of), a big risky unknown for all of the schools that swallowed the Apple educational marketing hook line and sinker. Then there are the licensing terms which are likely to be many multiples of the current Minecraft licensing costs for schools (just going to one license per named student will at least quintuple my school's costs)

To add onto that:

They used to say that they were in the process of making an API, but I think they stopped with that.

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