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Is there more being done to promote GPU acceleration on non-CUDA platforms? I feel like this would be more useful than yet another FOSS NN library.

Torch has rudimentary OpenCL support. Some things "sort of" work. https://github.com/hughperkins/cltorch Theano has been slowly working on integrating OpenCL support too for several years, but I'm not aware if it's supported or not.

Nvidia has a complete monopoly on all deep learning hardware and tooling. With the possible exception of Google (and maybe Facebook), 100% of all serious academic researchers are training their models on Nvidia hardware with Nvidia's propietary CUDA toolkit. Using anything else is currently completely unthinkable. Amazon and Nvidia have even teamed up to make CUDA training cheap (on the short term) for EC2 users.

I'd love to be able to switch to OpenCL, but there's so much momentum and very little perceived benefit when your lab already has four (very expensive) Titan X cards.

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