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I don't think anything is "wrong" with Backbone. It's dated in its ideologies though. Backbone comes from an era of script tags and a global "Backbone" namespace. Until recently, it required jQuery to do its "innerHtml/append" DOM manipulation. As a way to add structure to a jQuery app, it's great. It leaves a lot of freedom to the implementer. I did find that I required something like Marionette to assist with views however. Many developers are starting to stray from the MVC pattern toward other (perhaps more interesting) patterns and I think this is where some of the koolaid-style "hate" comes in.

Yeah, I use Backbone with Marionette on a project that's a few years old ( demo.enterprisejazz.com ). The "freedom to the implementer" part is very important to someone like me.

I don't think it would be productive to switch to something new even if that new thing was better.

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