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It's just one data point, but a few months ago we had to choose the tools which we should use in our next bigger projects for front-end development, one where we had to start from scratch with a completely new and pretty junior team, and one where we had to progressively consolidate and refactor a fairly complicated SPA written with CoffeeScript and jQuery (both front ends are on top of a Rails backend and integrate with some non-SPA Rails frontend).

We did some pretty extensive research and comparisons back then. What we came out matches 90% what the OP proposes, and we're very satisfied with the results so far.

I also agree with 90% of what OP proposes.

He didn't explain what he likes about eslint-airbnb. A lot of open source projects are adopting Standard (https://github.com/feross/standard) and I've had a great experience with that.

He gets the big picture right--Keep It Simple. For example, he recommends using straight npm scripts when possible rather than Grunt / Gulp / Yeoman / etc

`feross-standard` is much less popular than `eslint-airbnb`, and it faces a struggle being adopted because it enforces some very unpopular choices.

Notably, it uses a "no semicolon" style which is used by around 11% of JS devs[1] and is always capable of igniting a heated argument, but it also has some other questionable choices: For example, it enforces spaces after function names (eg, "function valid (size, name) {/.../}" versus "function invalid(size, name) {/.../}"), which no other style guide or linting rules agrees with.

The point of posts like OP's is, I think, to advocate people standardize on the best tools, or when multiple tools are equally good, the most popular ones. `eslint-airbnb` is at least as good, and much more popular by basically any metric (eg, the `airbnb/javascript` repo has 31k stars, the `feross\standard` repo has 4k stars, etc.). To the extent that there is (or should be) a standard for linter rules, I think it's airbnb's.

[1]: https://ponyfoo.com/articles/javascript-developer-survey-res...

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