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Does all that really give you hope for the web as an application platform? I feel like there is an obvious kind of joke in so many discussions of front-end web programming tools. It is boarding on like a farce or satire of some kind ...

Every comment is has a different litany of obscure libraries and frameworks and combinations that sound like a set of random dictionary words with just a few common threads "react, react, blah blah."

It doesn't seem like "pace of technology change" and it certainly doesn't inspire the idea of relative maturity of the web as an app platform .... it seems like a comedy.

It does give me hope.

It's happening, and yeah, it's not perfect. But almost nothing in tech is. If we can build the right abstractions to paper over the mess that is the web as a platform, it might be possible for us to easily build reliable / useful / safe applications again.

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