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Ember barely gets mentioned and includes each "piece of modern web applications" OUT OF THE BOX with a great support community. I love not making all of those decisions and doing all the integration BS work. Ember feels like the worst kept secret.

This. My team is currently making a pretty big bet on the future of Ember, and so far it's been amazing (coming from Drupal + Rails templates with jQ everywhere). Back-ends are in Rails API. Works great with Ember and you don't have to make 47462685868 decisions to get started with a project, make all the tooling play nice, then teaching the rest of your team how it all works. We're currently in the process of establishing a "paved road" for CI/CD for Rails API back-end + Ember front-end apps.

Ember CLI is also awesome, and Ember CLI Deploy is damn cool once you get it: http://ember-cli.com/ember-cli-deploy/docs/v0.4.x/lightning-...

Deployments take tens of seconds. Roll-backs take single-digit seconds. Previewing not-active-but-uploaded versions of the UI is trivial. Everyone does the same exact thing when they deploy (or throw it on Jenkins for even more fun).

What the author failed to mention is how much work it is to get all of these ad-hoc projects working together.

Ember is a pretty cozy ecosystem in comparison. You get Babel, JSHint, npm and QUnit - out of the box. Most of which can be swapped out for your preferred libraries.

Fully agree. Recently, I have discovered a new reason to use Ember. I have an Ember app I built, but only have a few hours a month to maintain it. Using the Ember stack makes it trivial for me to quickly (and almost painlessly) upgrade as needed, and focus the little time I have on building features. Reading this article made me cringe at the thought of using the proposed stack for this app, having to follow the development of each of these components separately, and fixing the glue between them when things go sour.

Ember gives me confidence, that I can keep maintaining the app with very low effort, especially now, that the Ember community is releasing a LTS version.

Come on, Ember is so 2015 ...

Not sure if sarcasm or serious, but this sums up everything that is wrong with the Javascript community succinctly

I'd place a small bet on the former, but I wouldn't go all in. I agree with you - those javascript folks are more ADHD than me. And that's saying a lot.

Good point

Hopefully it's improved since I used it two years ago, but back then the component api was terrible. Simple things like nesting components required undocumented apis and was much harder than it needed to be.

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