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Show HN: SMS My TV Show (find out when your show is on next) (eapen.in)
4 points by eapen on Feb 15, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Send an SMS to (650) 918-6928 with the name of a TV show.

You will receive a reply with the number of days the next episode will be on (and the date) as well how many days ago the last episode was broadcast (and the date).

eg. Send an SMS to (650) 918-6928 with “Dexter” and you will get the following reply: Next episode of Dexter in 224 days (9/25/10). Last episode was 62 days ago (12/31/09).

Bug report :) It got Lost wrong. It said it airs today. It doesn't, except in reruns. Then it doesn't know it airs tomorrow, and says it doesn't air again for 8 days.

Is the app only showing for "New" episodes?

Thanks dpcan. I had a hard time figuring out whether to show episodes airing today as the next episode or last episode. So, I made some changes related to that yesterday and this bug was a result of that change. I have changed it back to show an episode airing today as the "next" episode.

Long story short - this bug is addressed now.

Pretty cool idea. How are you getting the info from TVRage.com? If you're doing a cURL type web scraping then you might want to check out if you're even allowed to do that.

Definitely add show times, like your friend said.

Are you planning on monetizing this at all?

Thanks! TVRage now offers an API with this information and I am utilizing that.

Don't really see this taking off yet and don't plan to monetize unless it gets too expensive to run. A couple of hundred hits a month is affordable.

I added the show time + day now.

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