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That's amazing. What scaling algorithm does it use?

I don't think it's scaling. Go on the Zeus example and play with it. You'd be surprised. This is beautiful.

There's certainly more than just scaling involved, but there's definitely scaling in there.

I have the feeling is that the algorithm involves different pictures that superficially look the same but represent different things, and the code decides which picture to show according to the coordinates of the mouse, and them rescale it.

I tried briefly to read the code to see if I was right but failed so - I'm not good at reading other people's code :( - so someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

If you look at the "image" description files (e.g. http://essenmitsosse.de/pixel/scripts/zeus.px, linked by another comment), then it looks like the files define a set of constraints on the "components" in an image such as Zeus's arm , the bird beak, the cow's leg, etc. When the mouse moves, my guess is those constraints determine which components are rendered and where they appear on screen.

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