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> If a number is printed on a computer display, it must look like 123456.78, not like "123 456,78"!

Humans find thousands separators useful. You're asking humans to give up useful things because they're hard to program.

That said, I idly wonder whether they could be implemented with font kerning. The bytes could be 123456.78, but the font could render it with extra space, as 123 456.78.

I don't know if it's possible with current font technology, and there are probably all sorts of problems with it even if it is, but it might be vaguely useful.

Humans should agree on the decimal and separator symbols, the same way that they agreed on the Indo-Arabic numerals, and symbols like + (plus) and - (minus).

Like we all agreed to the metric system already?

I don't get neither how thousands separator is useful, nor what a "genius" came up with an idea to make comma a decimal separator in computers. I have nothing against either of these things in handwriting (though I personally never separate thousands), but in computing?..

I agree though that this can (and should) be solved at font-rendering level, not at an application level.

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