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Thanks, you gave me an idea to search for tech recruiters(one of the target market) with hashtags

Do you have any tips how to engage with them?

How do you see them using it? I know a couple of a Tech recruiters and I'm happy to email them on your behalf if I can understand the use case.

Hey, thanks for the offer.

They can include the link to the chat page in job posting, articles, careers page, email etc, like "Apply via Chat"

A few benefits are: - low barrier to get in touch, right when the candidates are the most interested - faster than email and more comfortable than phone calls(especially for tech guys) - no more filling of long application forms - gives a good impression and stands out from the competition

I think you're onto something here but don't realise quite how useful what you have can be in the right hands, with the right pitch.

Push the mobile side of things, right now every recruitment site has a brick wall where the CV upload is mandatory but every iPhone user cannot upload a file - you're solving that problem and then some.

My product is similar to HootSuite, Buffr etc. but by focusing on a Niche (Real Estate) I'm seeing promising traction. By focusing you're going to find it easier to reach potential customers and your product development will be cut down too.

Are you in the UK? I'd love to meet for a beer and discuss, I think this could be huge.

FYI applypage.io is available.

If anyone reading this is interested in this product please email me (in my profile) - as this will be ready very soon after chatting with the OP.

That's a really great point.

Unfortunately I'm not from UK, I'm from eastern Europe.

We can chat using the tool if you like :)

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