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> At least in the traditional technical interview, interviewers and candidates tend to be roughly equally invested in the interview process in terms of time spent

Not really true unless you go to your interviews completely unprepared :-)

As the interviewer, I'm not going to show up unprepared either. Typically, having an interview means learning about the candidate and what would be interesting to talk to them about, learning what team they might be a good fit for and what they need, and syncing with the other interviewers to make sure we're on the same page. And then afterwards, we'll meet up to discuss how the interviewee did and whether or not we should hire them.

All in all, it's at least an hour of prep time needed, and that's only counting my time, not the time of the other interviewers, managers and recruiters.

Since the article seems to be about startup interviews an hour of prep time from the employer's side actually seems fairly low. I'd expect closer to a full day. Isn't hiring one of the most important strategic decisions for a startup?

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