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373K superconductors (arxiv.org)
8 points by ratneshmadaan on Mar 9, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

As unusual as the presentation is (lack of chemical and physical material details) that is a decent amount of corroborated evidence for a room temperature superconductor. I can understand why they may withhold the patentable components given the disclosure requirements of patents in most parts of the world.

This might be an effort to gain recognition of the credibility of their results (that whatever this is is a superconductor if the researcher is not lying) that can be used as leverage in funding a patent which depending on the material properties and cost of production, could be anything from valuable to insanely valuable.

Yes all the past high temperature stuff was valuable and liquid nitrogen is cheap, but it's also dangerous potentially deadly stuff with lots of extra work required to safely use it and ensure systems don't break down, etc. A room temperature superconductor cable can be safely used instead of regular cable with no operating expenses and reap all the benefits of superconductivity. Hundreds of miles of liquid nitrogen pipe to build a superconducting electricity grid is extremely unlikely, hundreds of miles of cable is already replaced each year to maintain electricity infrastructure around the globe, replacing that with superconducting cables is an extremely valuable upgrade in a lot of cases.

"Due to a pending patent, the exact chemical characterization and technological processes for these materials are temporarily withheld and will be presented elsewhere."

What is the significance of the "something laying not flat on top of something else" photos? I mean, a photo of a pancake on a bunny doesn't provide any meaningful evidence of superconductivity. Something to do with the Meissner effect?

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