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I usually map my insert key to compose -- I never use 'insert' for the default functionality, but I also don't type funny characters often enough to justify getting rid of an alt or control key.

I love reading about how different people map different things. For me, it would be a disaster to map insert since I use that for pasting (shift+insert--I'm a lefty and it's a bad habit I grew attached to years ago).

My choice for Compose is the right Windows key, which I think I eventually settled on because I use the left one in some keybinds (winkey+s for shell, etc.) and like you, I couldn't part with an alt or ctrl. I've often wondered what other folks tend to use.

To the grandparent: I'm sometimes amused by what Compose defines. There's ∞ (compose + 8 + 8), (compose + # + #), and oddly (compose + C + C + C + P). I think it may depend on system configuration, but I believe libX11 is responsible. (On my system, Arch, the key combinations appear to be documented under /usr/share/doc/libX11/i18n/compose for my locale.)

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