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It's different because other fields haven't built up an entire mythos about how it's way more meritocratic than everyone else.

Tech prides itself in being more objective, more rational than other fields but in reality is no different.

In other fields the effects of class and network are openly acknowledged, in tech you to even address the issue you first have to punch through the mythos.

In other fields the open acknowledgment of these issues has resulted in some action to de-bias the system (see: blind auditions for orchestras, residency matching for doctors). These efforts are imperfect, but nonetheless still way further along than anything we have.

No, in reality it is substantially more meritocratic. In most professional/white-collar industries, not having a college degree would wreck your career. The fact that it only merely disadvantages your career in Silicon Valley is not evidence SV is not meritocratic.

Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

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