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On OS X, if you type Command+Control+Space, it brings up a character insertion menu where you can search by character name. I can get both daggers, black star and black heart quite quickly that way.

You can also set up custom text macros in the keyboard preferences, which are a bit faster to input. I have :lod: mapped to ಠ_ಠ...

Also on OS X, † is option-t, and ‡ is option-shift-7.

Ok, On Linux I have found ‡ and †

† is AltGr-Shift-%, and ‡ AltGr-Shift-:

I'll never remember them :(

U+2020 (†) and U+2021 (‡) aren't that hard to remember for the sake of a few extra key-presses and wider compatibility.

Draw them onto the keyboard next to the % and : keys. I did that with Korean characters until I got the hang of them

There's a program called gucharmap which does similar on linux, hotkeys probably vary though.


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